Working for Edwards

We employ world-class marketers, scientists and engineers who work in partnership to promote the flow of information across the group. This extensive network of skills allows us to develop innovative solutions to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

The success of our global efforts can be measured in many ways. One is by the hundreds of patents we seek for our innovations every year, and another by the stream of new products and processes that are delivered to our customers daily.

Edwards’ products play a vital role in applications as diverse as purifying water, producing microchips, treating hospital patients and manufacturing cars. They can be found almost anywhere - from deep-level mining to outer space, in factories, laboratories, farms and garages in more than 50 countries.

That's what makes a career with Edwards so rewarding.

The continued growth of our business is dependent on a team of gifted individuals, able to meet the needs of today and prepared to lead us in creating our future.

We actively seek out learning opportunities to ensure that our people continue to deepen and extend their knowledge and experience. There are hundreds of opportunities from international assignments, job rotation programs, internal and external coaching and mentoring, training programs and access to a wide variety of learning resources.

As an organization that aspires to excellence, we realize we must recognize and reward achievement and have programs in place that acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals and teams around the world. We are moving towards a total reward package that allows our employees to structure their remuneration and benefits to suit their personal needs.

The Edwards lines of business are truly global and value the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of its people. Their dedication, commitment and talent have made a difference to the lives of ordinary people across the world for almost a hundred years.